2014.07.31 NOS Ground Race

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2014.07.31 NOS Ground Race Empty 2014.07.31 NOS Ground Race

Post by Tavilha on Mon 28 Jul 2014, 8:05 pm

Time: Lobby opens 22:00 in UTC+1

Car: Honda Civic Type R '08
Max PP: 500
Tyres: unrestricted
Nitrous Oxide (N2O): PERMITTED

Tracks: 30 min Endurance
- Tokyo R246
- Suzuka Circuit

Rain is a possibillity

General conditions (apply to all tracks):

Room Mode – Practice / Qualifier / Endurance Race
Race type – Race for Real
Room privacy – Friends Only
Fixed room ownership - No

Qualifier settings:
Race together
Time limit – 15 minutes
Start type – Pit start

Race settings:
Start type – Grid start with false start check
Grid order – Fastest first
Minimum number of pit stops – 1
Require tyre type change – Off
Pit stop window – unrestricted
Race finish delay – 180 sec

Permitted driving aids: ABS and Traction control
Boost – Off
Penalty – Weak
Tyre / fuel depletion – Fast
Grip reduction on wet track / track edge – Real
Visible damage – On
Mechanical damage – Light
Slipstream strength – Real

Scoring system - None - Friendly event


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