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Post by THG-TS040 on Fri 29 Jul 2016, 2:14 pm

All drivers must have signed up/replied to forum on the sign up sheet to compete

All rounds will be competing in the THG-Racing team holland club lobby- all those hoping to compete must be a member of the club

THG CLUB ID- 1016745

All drivers must use respect in the lobbies. Insults and swearing are not permitted. Failing to adhere to these rules may result in points penalties/Time penalties.


Once qualification starts entrants are not allowed to talk in the race lobby. This also goes for people viewing the race but not entered.

All drivers must drive respectfully in NO CONTACT sport. Contact between drivers will likely see time penalties given out or even points penalties/RACE BAN

4 wheels over white lines at track edge is against the rules! competitors who breach these rules may be subject to penalties. It is advised that if a competitor goes over white lines by 4 wheels or wider they let off the throttle for a full second completely to maybe avoid a penalty.

penalties will be handed out too drivers who go over the white lines by 4 wheels (or more) after 3 occasions. the penalties will be 5 seconds for every 3 offences. This is to negate the time advantage gained by going off track limits and to act as a penalty.

4 wheels over the white lines defining the track edge will be a strike.
every 3 strikes will be a 5 second penalty.
Penalties will be added to a drivers overall race finish time. More than 1 penalty can be issued to the same driver at each round.

All drivers who sign up MUST USE SAME DRIVER NUMBER they have signed up too. It is noted however that some rounds do not allow personal race numbers to be used. No penalties will be given in this case.

ONLY LOBBY HOST (THG-TS040) can decide race start and is in control of the room.

All race contact/complaints must go to THG-TS040. The host will save a replay of every round

contact: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

In interest of fairness the host will get viewpoints of racers not involved in the series of accidents in the rounds. This is to avoid favourtism in the series.

but the most important rule is to HAVE FUN Wink

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