Race Results and Championship standings

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Race Results and Championship standings  Empty Race Results and Championship standings

Post by THG-TS040 on Tue 16 Aug 2016, 11:26 pm

These table will be updated throughout the championship.

Race Results Round 01

1st: GTBE-Kevin77
2nd: THG-Zoon
3rd: THG-TS040
4th: THG-Landel
5th: THG-IsaacIII
6th: THG-Zebulin
7th: THG-Jodokus
8th: THG-Surfscooter

Round 02

1st: GTBE-Kevin77
2nd: Chrr1m12
3rd: GTT-Flori
4th: Calhauduro
5th: THG-TS040
6th: THG-Zoon
7th: THG-Zebulin
8th: THG-Landel
9th: THG-IsaacIII
10th: S_A-xOWNEDx-
11th: THG-Surfscooter
12th: THG-Jodokus
13th: rahim_takumi-rc
14th: THG-Nellrem

Round 03

1st: THG-TS040
2nd: Calhaudro
3rd: THG-Zoon15
4th: THG-Zebulin
5th: THG-RI3HE
6th: THG-IsaacIII
7th: Kawa-Jo
8th: THG-thejodokus
9th: THG-Surfscooter

Race Results Round 04

1st: THG-zoon15
2nd: Caldhuro
3rd: THG-R13hie
4th: THG-TS040
6th: THG-Surfscooter

Race Results Round 05

1st: GTBE-Kevin77
2nd: THG-TS040
3rd: THG-Zoon15
4th: THG-IsaacIII
5th: THG-Surfscoter

Race Results Round 06

1st: THG-Sonaman8246
2nd: THG-TS040
3rd: THG-Zoon15
4th: THG-Surfscooter
5th: RTD Caldhurdro

Overall Championship Standings

1st: THG-TS040               93 points
2nd: THG-Zoon15              91
3rd: GTBE-Kev77               60
4th: THG-IsaacIII               50
5th: THG-surfscooter         48      
6th: Caldhaudro 45
7th: THG-Zebulin               30
8th: THG-R13hie                26
9th: THG-Sonnaman8246 20
10th: THG-Landel                20
11th: Chrim                        17
12th: THG-Jodokus             17
13th: GTT-Flori                    15
14th: Kawa-Jo                     8
15th: S_A-xOWNEDx-          5
16th Rahm-TC                     2
17th: THG-Nellrem               1

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