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Post by THG-IsaacIII on Wed 09 Apr 2014, 11:13 pm

Felt like HOLIDAY ON ICE the first 5 minutes. Hard for me to keep the Jaguar XKR '11 on track. Had some nice battles with THG-thejodokus. Finished 5 seconds later than within the timeframe, some where in the back.

My sponsor called during the race. He sounded not happy at tall and.....hung up.
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Post by THG-sonam8246 on Wed 09 Apr 2014, 11:52 pm

nice thread, and good idea to read them all together!

my race repost from semi pro league:

I'm glad we had again 6 people racing tonight!

We decided to go for Sport Softs tonight, not as grippy as Racing Tyres would be, but we had smoother handling and no acrobatics which is a better thing!

Q: 1st

Mt best lap time was a 1:25,5xx offline, which is always faster than online, but qubee was pushing very hard in the practice. He did a 1:25,3xx so i had to find some speed and time through the track, so i went out for final attempt before the qualifier starts and managed a 1:25,2xx just faster than qubee's time.

In my Q session, i found qubee going as fast as possible in the first lap, which is always my worst, so he did a 1:25,3xx right away, bringing some heartbeats to me. In my first lap i did a 26,1 which was bad, then in the second one, i did a 26,0. Surprised Why so slow? I don't know! Then i put my head down and drove it to the limit, so i went down to 25,2 in my 3rd lap and then again down to 25,0 in my 4th lap. Amazing stuff!

R: 2nd

I knew i had the pace and starting the race with a clear lead was the best i could have. But man, i did more mistakes than my whole semi pro season in this race. I was going off the track all the time, and Apricot Hill has a lot of grass and many places to make mistakes.

I was opening the gap to qubee when i was driving seriously, but then with my mistakes he was coming right behing me again.

The tyres went down to 6 only in lap 13th, so i decided to pit and then on the outlap to have an advantage to qubee. Indeed that worked and after his pit stop, i had a 7,5 seconds lead.

In the other TV the was the CL match (Bayern Munich vs ManUtd) and i was watching it, and lost concentration many times so right before the looong left hander, i went off the track and on the wall...! It took me a lot of time to come back in, and qubee was right behind me again.

In the main straight he passed me. We had 3 laps to the end, and even if i was pushing, he wasn't making mistakes and i didn't found the chance to overtake so i crossed the line in 2nd place.

I took the fastest lap though (1:24,839) which means i have scored the most points tonight, but i'm not happy with my driving!

Well done to qubee, it was a nice battle, and serious driving is more important sometimes than quick driving.

Him and zoon are the two drivers in THG i will never beat in consistency! Well done!

See you all next week lads!
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